Our History

Our Name

The name of the body of volunteers who have supported firefighters, other emergency services and the communities of Auckland for nearly 80 years has been changed several times over the years.


Auckland Metropolitan Volunteer Fire Police

The founders of the organisation, in the minutes of the first meeting, named the new body The Auckland Metropolitan Volunteer Fire Police.


Auckland Volunteer Fire Police Corps

The title being used by the 1940s was Auckland Volunteer Fire Police Corps. This probably reflected military influences of the times.


Auckland Volunteer Fire Police Unit

By the time the nation-wide New Zealand Fire Service took over fire brigades, the name seems to have been standardised as Auckland Volunteer Fire Police Unit.


Auckland Volunteer Fire Brigade

The first Agreement of Service with the New Zealand Fire Service is signed on behalf of serving members under the name Auckland Volunteer Fire Brigade, with a note that all members were enrolled as Fire Police, known as the Auckland Volunteer Fire Police Unit.


Auckland Operational Support

Policy changes by the New Zealand Fire Service meant the name Fire Police was replaced by Operational Support. The Auckland Fire Police unit changed its name to Auckland Operational Support at a function on October 29th 2011, but retained its alternative title, Auckland Volunteer Fire Brigade, reflecting the fact that volunteers have served Aucklanders since 1849.

On July 1st 2017 Fire and Emergency New Zealand replaced the New Zealand Fire Service: all members were integrated as Authorised Personnel but the name of our Brigade did not change.