Brigade Management

Updated October 2023

CFO Teal - Brigade Leadership and Management
Liaison with FENZ Executive Management
Management Committee Chairperson (Ex Officio)
FENZ Volunteerism Working Group
DCFO Bay - Brigade Leadership and Management
Liaison with FENZ Executive Management
Leave Management
Privacy Officer
Workwear Approvals
Oversight of Recruitment
Management Committee (Ex Officio)
SSO Officer - Oversight of Operational Readiness
Brigade Treasurer (Management Committee Position)
Workwear Approvals;
SSO Cuthbert - Health, Safety and Wellbeing
SSO Scott - Brigade Training Manager
Oversight of OSM Compliance
SO Smith - Technical Advisor re Communications
SO England - Driver Training
SO Duncan (Support) - Vehicles
SO Christie - Welfare
Meetings Secretary
SO Walker - Communications
SO Harding - Uniform & PPE
Management Committee (CFO Appointee)
FENZ Women's Network
Rosters Assistant
SO O'Connor - Uniform & PPE
SO Batterbee - Website Technical
SO Bryant - Recruitment
Management Committee (Elected)
Ideas Generator
SO Bhaktar - Equipment
Management Committee (Elected)
QFF Watson - Honours and Attendance Secretary (Management Committee Position)
QFF Sharma - Events Management
Management Committee (Elected)
FF Richards - Social Media
Management Committee (Elected)
Brigade Rooms
QFF Potter - Fundraising
FF Bernie - Data Management and Compliance: SMS
OSM Records
QFF Lewis - AMS
FF Dragland - Catering; Suppers; Hospitality;
FF Allen - UFBA Representative
QFF Grant - Canteen Stock/Operations (Vehicle/Mechanical related matters should go to Duncan)


Training - SSO Scott
SSO Cuthbert
SO Walker
SO England
QFF Potter
Website - SO Batterbee
Vehicle Configuration - SO England
SSO Officer
SSO Cuthbert
SO Batterbee
CFO Teal (Ex Officio)
DCFO Bay (Ex Officio)