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The Auckland Operational Support Unit, also known as the Auckland Volunteer Fire Brigade, was founded in 1933 and provides a true voluntary community service. Its members get no payment for expenses incurred and time spent at emergencies. The Unit is the biggest volunteer fire brigade or unit in New Zealand with a membership of 60 and in the 2015 calendar year, members responded to more than 700 incidents.

Under the command of a Chief Fire Officer, it is a defined brigade, part of Fire and Emergency New Zealand's Auckland Region resources. The Unit serves the Greater Auckland area - Albany in the North to Mercer in the South, and from coast to coast, and members turn out to all emergencies (with a few exceptions) which the Fire Service attends. Membership comprises men and women from all walks of life and full-time occupations who are willing, when available, to respond to assist Fire Brigades around the clock, seven days a week.

Intro Video - Auckland Operational Support 2017

After the success of our previous video in 2013 (see below), an updated version was displayed at the United Fire Brigades Association conference held 27-29 October 2017, which was again hosted by Auckland Operational Support. It again helped to demonstrate the Unit's unique method of operation - unlike any other volunteer fire brigade in the country - and shows footage from several calls we've attended over the last few years, as well as comments from Area and Region management.

Video Production : Mark Potter,
Special thanks to Greenstone TV and Sam Sword for their contribution of additional footage.

80 Years of Service - A Video Production

This video was first shown at the opening dinner of the United Fire Brigades Association (UFBA)'s annual conference, hosted by Auckland Operational Support during the weekend of November 8-10, 2013. One key aspect of our Unit's operations that's unlike any other brigade in New Zealand - the arrangements we have to respond our emergency response vehicles from the private home of the duty driver - is particularly highlighted in this video. The clip also shows footage from several calls attended in 2012-2013, and feedback from conference attendees was very positive.

Video Production : Mark Potter,
Special thanks to Greenstone TV for their contribution of additional footage.
Thank you also to Bradley Ambrose and Graeme Clarke.

The Auckland Volunteer Fire Brigade is an Incorporated Society, No. 2566626 and a registered Charity, No. CC27963.

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